You may not be able to go to Ecuador and clean up ChevronTexaco’s mess, but you can still support our struggle sitting right there in your chair. Please take a moment and write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or directly to ChevronTexaco. Corporations and government officials believe that one person’s letter represents the perspectives of approximately a dozen people. If we send enough letters, ChevronTexaco will begin to feel that, economically, it will make more sense to clean up their mess than to face a public relations nightmare due to a growing number of dissatisfied people who are aware of their atrocities in Ecuador.

Below is a list of letters and corresponding addresses that can be sent to the following people: the editor of a newspaper or other periodical; the CEO of ChevronTexaco; your U.S. Senator and Representative; the Ecuadorian government.

You can copy or paste our letters onto email or stationary or write your own. It would also help us if you send an email to xxxxxxxxx with the title “sent letter” so that we can keep track of how many letters have been sent.

Cut up your ChevronTexaco credit card/ gas card and send it back with a letter explaining that you did this because you learned about the cancerous, species-destroying mess that they left behind in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Feel free to sign your name onto the letter that we have written (click here) if it adequately expresses your beliefs or compose your own.