Oil and gas drilling is occurring or planned in rainforests around the world. Drilling for oil generates toxic pollutants but also roads, airstrips and other developments that bring with them diseases to which indigenous people are not immune and the culturally corrosive reality of Western capitalism.

Many rainforests and many peoples have been severely harmed by oil development over the past 40 years and many more are in danger in the future, unless we can stop planned projects.

There is hope as indigenous and local people organize to fight oil development, aided by organizations in consuming countries.

But until our demand for cheap oil and gas is reduced or eliminated, the destruction and abuse will continue.

We need to fight these projects as they move forward by supporting local struggles and highlighting company practices but we also need to reduce our consumption of oil and gas dramatically.

On the following pages, we've tried to highlight some of the most egregious projects, both past and present, to give you an idea of some of the companies involved in this destruction.

In all cases, the alternatives to destruction of rainforests for oil and gas development is the same. Click on the Alternatives page to find out what you can do to reduce your participation in this tragic destruction of rainforests.