While Rainforest Relief has become a leader in researching and reducing the use and imports of tropical woods, we also work to prevent the use of woods logged unsustainably from temperate rainforests.

Our work to create a shift to more environmentally sound materials also helps reduce the demand for wood from all bioregions of the world.

All wood from old growth (primary) forests should be avoided. This includes woods from tropical, temperate and boreal regions.

While second-growth is better, some temperate woods from non-rainforest areas are being overharvested, even in second growth forests, such as American cherry and walnut.

In the case of temperate woods, always look for second growth woods that carry independent certification apporved by the Forest Stewardship Council. Make sure that the wood is certified and not just the supplier.

Following is a list of woods from temperate rainforests that should be avoided and some useful and more sustainable alternatives.