The use of ipê, greenheart and other tropical hardwoods for marinas and floating docks has skyrocketed in recent years, pushed by wholesalers of these woods. This is a major and growing use of tropical hardwoods. Ipê is commonly used for decking of marinas and greenheart is commonly used for pilings and bumpers.

Marinas that have used rainforest woods for their piers, docks and/or pilings.

Liberty Landing Marina (on leased land in New Jersey’s Liberty State Park)

Atlantic Highlands Marina

Battery Park

Belmar Municipal Marina

Send a message to these companies.

Companies that build marinas with tropical hardwoods.


Sullivan Marine

Send a message to these companies and ask them to resolve in writing to end their use of uncertified rainforest woods for docks and pilings.

Alternatives (see Recycled Plastic Lumber in the Decking section)