Dixon Ticonderoga Company
195 International Parkway
Heathrow, Florida 32746
Phone: 407-829-9000 or 800-824-9430
Fax: 800-232-9396

Based in Florida, with locations in Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Quebec, Ontario, Peterborough, UK and Mexico City, Dixon Ticonderoga is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of pencils in the U.S., Dixon still uses jelutong — an endangered rainforest tree species logged from the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia — in a large percentage of their pencils.

While there are all sorts of recycled alternatives available, Dixon has one pencil they call their Dixon Enviro STIKS, “Crafted of approved timber from renewable managed forests. Lacquer-free finish, ‘recyclable’ ferrule, and a pink ‘environmentally degradable’ eraser. Imprinted with certified non-toxic inks. PMA certified non-toxic. Made in the U.S.A.” For some reason, Dixon people think this is environmentally friendly.

The Rainforest Action Network (Rainforest Action Network) called a boycott against Dixon Ticoderoga in 1990, but it soon ended when Dixon-Ticonderoga claimed it no longer used jelutong (Wall Steet Journal, Oct. 19, 1990). Rainforest Action Network resumed the boycott in November 1991, citing PIERS reports showing continuing imports of jelutong (Boycott Action News, Fall 1992, p. 2-3).

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal confirms that Dixon Ticonderoga still uses jelutong.

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