Timber Importers, Building, Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Merchants

The North West’s leading Timber Importers, Building, Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Merchants.
Situated on a 14 acre site within easy reach of all major towns and cities in the North West.

“We import our own vast range of timbers… A massive amount of timber - around 1 million pieces - are kept in stock at any one time.”

“Our sawmill offers a substantial cutting and moulding service, providing over 300 stock mouldings.”

Sheet Materials

“We import our own plywood from the Far East, in large quantities and across a broad range.’

“Other sheet materials stocked are MDF, Chipboard, Blockboard, Oriented Strand Board, Hardboard, Pin Board, Polystyrene/Insulation Board, Fire Resistant Boards, Shelving Boards, Polycarbonate Sheeting, Loft Insulation, Wall Boards, Worktops.”

A cutting service is available where we are happy to cut pieces to customers' specifications.

Main Sales Yard and Offices:
262 Golden Hill Lane, Leyland, Lancashire. PR25 2YH
Registered Office and Joinery Dept:
Wellfield Sawmills, King Street, Leyland, Lancashire. PR25 2LE

Tel: 01772 431216
Fax; 01772 622314
Email: enquiries@cwberry.com