FineHouse, Ltd is a Virginia corporation, specializing in the manufacturing and supply of components that are useful in outdoor construction. We have many years of experience in outdoor building materials and methods. We are pleased to provide the materials we believe will be the most enduring, in outdoor use.

In addition to building components FineHouse offers a unique system of modular garden architecture that allows design professionals to provide specifications for a completely pre-engineered and pre-manufactured structure or trelliswork.

FineHouse, Ltd primarily supplies landscape professional but our components are available to anyone who agrees to our Terms of Service.

Wood is a renewable resource and thus an appropriate building material. FineHouse obtains lumber from reputable foresters that support a sustainable environment. All of our mahogany is CITES (Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species) certified prior to its entry into the United States. If you would like to learn more about our policies concerning the environment please write.

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