The following companies are major importers, distributors or retailers of conventional (full-sun) cocoa or chocolate. Their products should be avoided.

800 High Street
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
toll free: 800/627-7852

Hershey Food Corporation
Toll free: 800/468-1714

toll free: 800/225-2270

ADM Cocoa
Archer Daniels Miland Company
4666 Faries Parkway
Decalir, IL 625520
toll free: 800-558-9958

The Bloomer Chocolate Co.
toll free: 800/452-7501

Guittard Chocolate Company
10 Guittard Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
toll free: 800/468-2462

Russell Stover
toll free: 800/777-4028


The following produce or sell ForestChocolate™ — chocolate from organic, shade-grown and fair trade operations. If you buy chocolate, you should buy only ForestChocolate™ .

Green & Blacks
Tel: 401/683-3323
Fax: 401/683-2717
In the U.S.:
"When we started making chocolate it soon dawned on us that organic and fairtrade are inextricably linked. What’s better for the planet has to be better for the people working on it.
"Unlike plantation-grown cacao, our farmers grow their cocoa trees under the shade of indigenous trees alongside other crops, including avocado, pineapple, coffee, papaya and bananas. The canopy of shade trees - mahogany, cedar and teak - are grown above the cacao trees and ginger is occasionally grown underneath.
"By having a variety of cocoa and shade trees as well as interspersing this with other plants the biodiversity within the organic cocoa farm is greatly increased. This is one of the major elements, which can help fight off some of the many diseases like black pod, that can decimate a cocoa crop.
 "We don’t spray our cocoa with pesticides, so the farmers working on it don’t suffer from the health related problems that farmers growing the cocoa conventionally may suffer from. "

Rapunzel Pure Organics, Inc.
2424 SR- 203
Valatie, NY 12184
Toll free: 800/207-2814

Newman's Own Organics
"Eating organic food is good for you, but when you choose Newman's Own Organics, you're choosing to help a good cause. All of our after-tax profits are donated to charity."
"The organic cacao comes from small farmers in the Talamanca and Bocas del Toro regions on the Atlantic coasts of Costa Rica and Panama. These farms provide important buffer zones for the La Amistad Biospere Reserve, habitat for endangered mammal and bird species. All the cacao used has been raised in a natural, rainforest setting by people whose history with the cacao tree goes back over 3,000 years. The organic sugar is from a family owned sugar mill in Paraguay, the organic milk powder is from a Wisconsin milk coop, and the organic vanilla is from Madagascar and Indonesia."

Endangered Species Chocolate Company
809 South Pacific HWY.
Talent, Oregon 97540
Tel: 541/535-2170

Cocoa Camino
"Help our co-operative make a difference for small-scale cocoa and sugar farmers in developing countries by supporting our certified fair trade organic Cocoa Camino products.
"We source our cocoa  from co-operatives of family farms growing organically under a shade canopy in the rainforests of Central America and the Caribbean. 
"Fair Trade Certified guarantees consumers that farmers receive higher than world market prices including the payment of organic and social premiums that are used for development programs which are decided by the co-op members themselves.
"Certified Organic cocoa and sugar cane is healthier for farmers, the rainforest, and the consumer. The cocoa farmers use traditional shade grown techniques that preserve the environment and maintain biodiversity while providing a much-needed habitat for migratory birds.
"Delicious! Cocoa Camino is Canada’s leading organic hot chocolate brand as it combines high quality organic and naturally-derived ingredients with a sweet taste of justice.
La Siembra Co-operative
Suite 210 - 4 Florence Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0W7
Tel: 613/235-6122
Fax: 613/235-6877

Chocosphere, LLC
5200 SE Harney Drive
Portland, OR 97206
Toll free: 877/9924626
Chocosphere retails Cocoa Camino organic chocolate products.

Neuchatel Chocolates
Toll free: 800/597-0759

Vegan Village
'The environmental appeal of our chocolates is that the cocoa beans are grown free of pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers and on an ECO programme whereby we pay a price premium to farmers so that the workers may enjoy a better quality of life and the cocoa is grown on a sustainble system'

Functional Foods Company
"We developed SmartChocolate utilizing only the finest organically grown chocolate from within the depths of the rainforest.
"We define organic chocolate as that which has been grown within its own indigenous habitat which allows for the natural pollination of the cacao flower by insects inherent to that environment and processed without chemicals or preservatives.
"Environmentally, we have chosen to work with only those chocolate farmers who demonstrate their respect for the integrity and preservation of the rainforests. We want our intentional conservation of the rainforest to demonstrate our promise to assist in their preservation for years and years to come."
The Functional Foods Co.
15765 Sturgeon  Roseville, MI 48066
Toll free: 877/372-0550
Tel: 586/445-0550
Fax: 586/445-1118
(877) 372-0550 toll

Gysi AG
Morgenstrausse 134
3018 Berne, Switzerland
+41(0) 319966111

85 Galli Drive
Suite E
Novato, CA 94949
Toll free: 800/733-3495
EcoExpress sells Dagoba Organic chocolate.

Long Grove Confectionery Co.
Corporate Office & Candy Kitchen
333 Lexington Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Toll free: 800/373-3102
Fax: 847/459-4871
All of Long Grove's products are not organic.

P.O. Box 18357
Boulder, CO 80308
Tel: 303/786-7888
"Chocolove, makers of premium Belgian chocolates, now offers two flavors of organic chocolate. In keeping with the Chocolove tradition, this certified organically grown and processed chocolate is made in Belgium to the highest standard possible."
All Chocolove products are not organic.

The Chocolate Alchemist Limited
Unit D Collyers Yard
Lickfold, Petworth
W. Sussex GU28 9DT
"We make everything from the finest quality organic Belgian chocolate. We have chosen to use organic chocolate and ingredients not only because it is central to our environmentally friendly beliefs but also the final product simply tastes better."

Betty Lou's Inc. makes organic Chocolate, Almond Butter and Peanut Butter Golden Smackers (from $16.56/24-piece box,

The Sierra Club sells organic Chocolate Coins ($8.95/10 oz. box) and Peanut Butter Cups, each wrapped in cornstarch-based cellophane. ($7.95/6 oz. box,