Rainforest Relief works to reduce the pressures to destroy rainforests by reducing the demand for the products derived from rainforest destruction.

There are two front lines in the battle to spare the rainforests: one is between the logger or farmer and the trees, the other is between the consumer and the store shelf.

This section is devoted to what Rainforest Relief does best: informing people about what products are driving the destruction — and of ecologically and socially sound alternatives.

Our guide is organized first by major product sectors: Rainforest Wood; Rainforest Oil; Beef; Gold; Aluminum; etc.

In the Rainforest Wood section, the What to Avoid section is organized By Product; By Species; By Company; and By Country. You can search any section depending on what your interest is, to find what’s going on to produce the products we buy and sell every day. The products, tree species, companies that buy or sell them and the countries of origin are interlinked. Within each of those subsections you’ll find Alternatives.

Other sections are less complex and simply have What to Avoid and What to Choose sections.

Please take the time to find out how a seemingly simple purchase can hurt or help endangered rainforests.

Download our two-page summary of what to avoid with some alternatives, Do I Dare Eat That Banana. You can photocopy this as a handout for people you know or meet.