Greenheart should be avoided entirely!

Greenheart is the top timber export from Guyana. Itís imported into the US for marine construction including pilings, bulkheads, bumpers, swales, bridges, outdoor decking, municipal benches and garden furniture, etc. and also for cue stix and flooring.

The IUCN lists greenheart as vulnerable due to the fact that up to 28% of the population has already been cut but also the fact that the majority of that logging has occurred since the introduction of the chainsaw into the region in 1967, even though greenheart has been exploited commercially since the 1700s.

The New York City Department of Transportation uses greenheart for the pilings and bumpers at the Staten Island Ferry terminals as well as the decking and benches on the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian boardwalk.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ and hundreds of other towns, cities and marinas have used greenheart for pilings and bulkheads.

Greenheart occurs in Guyana in densities of one or two trees per acre.

Exporters include the notorious Barama and Demerara Greenheart.

Importers include Greenheart Durawoods and William G. Moore.