The construction of movie and theatre sets usually involves the use of lauan plywood.

In 1990, Rainforest Action Network targeted Hollywood studios for their use of lauan plywood. In 1991, the studios relented (Paramount first) and pledged to phase out the use of lauan. A number of studios have tried but so far, none of them have yet to do so. Warner Brothers and Fox have done the most in finding alternatives but have found replacing lauan is more difficult than at first thought.

On Broadway, while scene builders are aware of the need to find alternatives, the use of lauan continues.

Rainforest Relief is working with Broadway scene builders and others to find alternatives to lauan. See our Broadway project for more information or to help.

If you are a set builder, there are numerous alternatives to lauan for set construction, including Homosote, hardboard, domestic plywood, bamboo and others.

Rainforest Relief will work with you to help you make your production lauan-free.