Timber Holdings (a division of Cecco Trading) is the largest importer of ipê for decking in the US.

Rainforest Relief has on many occasions faced off against this company’s promotion of its product for boardwalks and decking around the country.
Due to our campaigning, THL sought and achieved “chain-of-custody” certification from the Rainforest Alliance SmartWood program. This means that THL is able to provide independently certified woods, but they rarely do. In fact, on numerous occasions, Timber Holdings has worked to convince the client not to use certified wood, then in the end, after months of campaigning, turned around and gotten the certified at the client’s insistence.

This happened in Greenport, NY, for instance.

“‘We chose Iron Woods after carefully investigating the marketplace. We were sold on the fact that you utilize third party inspection and certification. This is extremely important for our governmental customers, who demand proof that the product specified is indeed the product they receive. We also found that your company was the only supplier that appeared to be committed to environmental protection of our forests.’
David G. Rogers, .PE, VP, Continental Bridge Corporation”

“Valley Crest would like to thank you for your participation in the Queensway Bay Landing Project. We are pleased to confirm that the Iron woods brand Ipe was superior in grade, quality, color, and availability to the other brands of Ipe procured for this project.”
Richard A. Sperber, President, Valley Crest Corporation