Based in Medley, Florida (near Miami), Aljoma was the largest importer of bigleaf from Brazil into the United States in 2000, according to export information from IBAMA.**

Aljoma lists availability of these Amazon woods: genuine mahogany, virola, Spanish cedar, sande, Brazilian walnut, jatoba, Honduran pitch pine, ipę decking, Brazilian lauan (the generic term commonly used for tropical hardwood plywood), Brazilian keruing (Qualea sp.), marupa, imbuia and Brazilian maple.
10300 N.W. 121 Way, Medley, Fl. 33178 • Ph. 305-556-8003, general fax: 305/557-2146; hardwoods sales fax: 305/556-4991
In 2000-2001, Aljoma imported from CSL Comercio & Exportacao, based in Belem, Pará; and Madeireira Juary Ltda., one of the companies involved in the illegal chain of supply of mahogany.