Designers and direct marketers of an extensive line of teak outdoor furniture. Over a 25-year history as designers and sellers of solid teak garden furniture.

Country Casual
9085 Comprint Court
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
(There is no showroom at this address)
301-926-9198 fax

“Our wood is genuine teak.”

According to their website, “Country Casual uses “ecologically harvested timber from countries with an official commitment to sustainable management of their national timber resources. For every tree felled, more than one is planted to replace it. These renewable timber resources play an important part in the economies of developing nations.” Basically, this means that Country Casual accepts any country’s official forest policy as if what is written in the law books is actually enforced. They ignore the reality of illegal logging, graft, corruption and lack of enforcement.

The reality is that logging for teak in southeast Asia is an ecological and social nightmare of illegality and deforestation. Unless teak carries independent certification accredited by the FSC, then it should be avoided.

Country Casual should be boycotted until they end all sales of uncertified woods from endangered forests.

Send a message to Country Casual and demand they end their sales of teak and other wood from endangered forests unless they carry FSC certification.