Perhaps the greatest impact we as individuals or business owners will have on Earth is through the purchase or use of imported tropical hardwoods.

If you own a home, perhpaps you've bought or may soon buy indoor furniture, flooring, interior or exterior doors, paneling, wooden window blinds, railings, tools, picture frames, outdoor furniture or an outdoor deck -- even rake and mop handles can be made of wood from endangered rainforests.

As a business, you may be selling rainforest wood.Or perhaps you're involved in a business that uses wood products. Rainforest wood can commonly be found in interiors of restaurants and retail stores, flooring, plywood, doors, packaging, shipping containers -- even the flooring of your delivery trucks or trollies can be tropical hardwoods.

It's up to us to make sure rainforests are still around for the future of all life on Earth. These radiant and unique forests are vital to the millions of species they harbor and also for the healthy balance of the climate and water cycling.

We can start by assuring that the products or building materials we buy or use contain no destructive rainforest woods.

Take Rainforest Relief's Rainforest Safe™ Pledge for Rainforest Wood today.

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