Your Purchases Are a Powerful Force for Change
While there's no question that we can't shop our way to a sustainable future, it is also our current reality that, due to the destruction of our mutually-supportive communities and everything that went along with them, we do buy things.

Ecoteria™ is our effort to help you shift your consumption of products to those that are better for rainforests. The products in our Ecoteria™ store help support indigenous struggles in rainforests or reduce the impact on rainforests by supporting alternatives to rainforest-destructive products (or both).

We ourselves have very strict standards when it comes to shopping, so we've tried our best to apply those standards to the products we promote. You can be assured that when you buy through our Ecoteria™, you're buying the best for the rainforests.

If you have questions or comments on any of the products, email us at

This section is under construction, but you can currently buy photographs and your purchase will go directly to our rainforest projects.